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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Electronics Brands Are Encouraged to Verify CM's FLA Compliance

With major electronics supplier Foxconn now under investigation by the Fair Labor Association (FLA), contract manufacturers around the world are reviewing their own manufacturing practices to ensure their compliance with FLA regulations. As a key customer of Foxconn, Apple, Inc. has also come under some suspicion, earning the company a lot of negative publicity. 

This public relations debacle has served as a dire warning to many electronics brands, that worker's rights issues are of crucial importance to the electronics industry and that those who do not continuously evaluate the compliance measures of their CM's, will be placed under the scrutiny of the FLA. 

As a direct result, the cost of outsourcing labor in many countries will likely increase and drive many of the industry's primary players to find alternative manufacturing locations.  

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Stealth Components is an independent distributor of standard long-lead-time, allocated, hard-to-find, and obsolete electronic components. We help eliminate gaps, reduce costs and avoid production line delays and interruptions for our global customers.

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